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Hey There. We are MDV, a security research group based in Turkey. We started this adventure in early 2016, and now we feel that it’s our turn to proudly contribute to this community, whence we’ve been learning a lot.

All of our team members are working in security & development related roles.

The list of stuff we’re interested in includes; web application security, network security, reverse engineering, forensics, malicious software.

We hope to publish interesting materials, which we hope will be useful to both infosec veterans and newbies.


  • Fatih Erdoğan
    low level, malware, reversing
  • Hamit Abiş
    av hacker, malware, low level, websec
  • Murat Yılmazlar
    jack of all trades master of none, sefir
  • Robin Dimyanoğlu
    low level, malware
  • Ramazan Uysal
    low level, websec
  • Mücahit Emin Karadağ
  • Emrah Demir
    unix & android internals, pwn, low level
  • Büşra Yenidoğan
    reversing, low level

inactive members

  • Cem Onat Karagun
  • Ahmet Kotan